For a journalist, a story that fails to create an impact is as good as never have been reported. Our past projects that have managed to shock the viewers and shake the government authorities have been listed below. These stories not just challenged the system but managed to bring about a change in it as well. Its our stint as a journalist that fanned the fire within us to do more than just raising an issue. We, through IWECT, now aim to work at resolving them as well.

Inside UP's illegal manufacturing industry

Nidhi Bhardwaj


Nidhi did a video story on the illegal crude weapon suppliers,dwelling in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh. The story was also published on the front page of Mint.It carried the testimony of the men in the trade, who not just explained the
entire trade route from UP to Delhi and the neighbouring states,but also discussed as to why the crude weapon industry was
thriving and contributing to the rise in crime rate.

The startling revelations in the story and the daring attempt won her the Mint-
Best Journalist Award in 2008.

Dr. Fake

Nidhi Bhardwaj


A cracking investigation exposing doctors practicing with medical degrees, declared fraudulent
by the Medical Council of India. With criminal cases for possessing fake degrees, registered against them in the
Police Headquarters in New Delhi, these doctors continued o practice uninterrupted in Government Hospitals, Private
clinics and even in multi-speciality hospitals, courtesy rampant corruption in MCI and Police Department.

Impact: All the doctors were arrested and fresh cases
registered against the ones falsely acquitted.

A Suitable Womb

Nidhi Bhardwaj


A half hour news documentary based on the legal, ethical, physical and emotional issues involved in
Surrogacy in India. The show also talks about how lucrative money on offer is luring more and more Indian women to rent
out their wombs and how due to easy availability of cheap surrogates and absence of laws guarding surrogacy, India is
becoming the preferred destination for the childless couples coming from overseas

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