Surrender of Most Wanted Dacoit Jagan Gujjar in Rajasthan

Manmohan Gupta


Jagan Gujjar was the most notorious dacoit in Rajasthan. The police of three states namely Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan had long been searching for him. They had even announced an award of INR 10.5 lakhs on his head. But to no avail.
After days of struggle in Rajasthan, Manmohan and team managed to get through to him for an exclusive interview for my channel, India News. They not just managed to get the interview but also succeeded in convincing him for his surrender. Jagan Gujjar agreed to it and Manmohan then informed the concerned authorities. Media went berserk as soon as the news broke out. But Jagan had promised that he would surrender only in the presence of the concerned authorities, his people and the team that convinced him for it. Manmohan and his team were the only media house that could covered the surrender.
The Rajasthan Government really appreciated the story, and Manmohan and his team for a very brave story.

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