As Uttarakhand is trying to regain some sanity and balance after being pushed into sudden ruins and grief, we are setting sails for the second phase of our relief programme – Project Devbhoomi. While the aim of the first phase was to render support and thrust to the evacuation programme launched by the Government, by distributing packaged food items to the victims, phase two aims to make the affected natives self-sustainable in terms of food and other utilities. Our area of concentration in this phase would be a village named Tilwara.

About Tilwara

Tilwara is a village in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The village is located on the banks of river Mandakini and is 8 km ahead of Rudraprayag. Before the flashfloods affected the area in June 2013, the estimated population of the region was approximately 400 people and the village inhabited more than 76 families.

Impact of the flashfloods

More than 40 houses were washed away by the flashfloods and the remaining houses have been severely damaged by them. There has been a grave loss to life and property in the Tilwara region. While the number of casualties in the region do not have an exact figure to them, the death toll has only been increasing as many reported missing during the calamity have now been declared dead.

The disaster gave a death blow to all the commercial activities in the region.  Given the current state of affairs, there is no possible source of income left for the villagers. As the survivors struggle to brave the loss of their loved ones and their wealth, the biggest challenge facing them right now is the scarcity of food and medicines followed by the need for other utilities such as clothes, utensils, blankets etc. Their requirements may have been reduced to bear minimum but that does not discount their struggle to attain them, as the government has not been able to provide substantial relief to Tilwara.

Plan of Action

In the second phase of Project Devbhoomi, we aim to step up our relief measures. Our aim is to make available the following commodities to the villagers :

Food items:

1.  Rice          
2.  Flour        
3.  Pulses (Chana and Masoor)     
4.  Chidwa   
5.  Salt
6.  Turmeric (Haldi)

Other utilities:
1. Blankets
2. Clothes for women, men and children (used/unused)
3. Medicines
4. Toiletries
5. Utensils (used/unused)
6. Footwear (Chappals)

Note : These commodities will be hand delivered by our volunteers to the people of Tilwara. They will be transported from Delhi to Rishikesh on 5 July 2013 and from Rishikesh to Tilwara on 6 July 2013. We have created warehouses in Delhi, Rishikesh, and Rudraprayag for the purpose of collecting, and stocking these goods.  All those willing to lend a helping hand to the initiative can get in touch with Manmohan Gupta :  9654381745   , Nidhi Bhardwaj : 9990636633



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