Who We Are

Indian Wildlife and Environment Care Trust (IWECT) is a non-profit organisation that works for the conservation and protection of India's flora and fauna. IWECT caters to some of the biggest environmental concerns such as protection of the endangered wildlife species, global warming, depleting forest cover and conservation of forest resources, so on. We also study and define the new-age environmental concerns that are fast showing up due to the changing patterns and styles of living.

We’re a pool of environment and wildlife enthusiasts. The Core team includes veteran, awarded environment journalists, wildlife activists, management graduates, students, lawyers and as mentors we have retired IFS officers.

IWECT teams work on diverse projects and operate in different parts of India. Our teams specialise in various environmental subjects, active field intelligence reports, investigations, crisis management, quick responses, providing efficient aid to individuals, species and habitats in need.

We work in close co-operation with various communities and state governments to protect the environment by sharing actionable intelligence and in-depth research backed analysis of a given situation that could prove fatal for the environment. We also facilitate our services on ground to carry out environment investigations.

Our Supporters