Charlotte Davies

Charlotte Davies,
Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), London

I want to congratulate you on your truly excellent work in exposing tiger poaching and the illegal trade, as recently revealed in "We broke into a
poacher network and found one tiger is killed every two weeks:"

We on the tiger campaign here were so impressed at your courage, tenacity and the depth of your investigation. We also felt vindicated - many of your
findings reflected themes and issues which we and our partners have found over the years, and in that sense it was satisfying to see these reflected
on the ground in India.  And as these issues have not gone away, your article is crucial in highlighting how these issues continue to impact upon the survival of the wild tiger. Great investigative reporting - and it was heartening to read that having conducted your investigations, you passed onactionable intelligence to the relevant enforcement agencies. Here at EIA,we believe that intelligence-sharing is crucial - it's a consistentrecommendation of ours to both national and international enforcement agencies, so it's good to see that language and action being used inconnection with the tiger trade.

Personally, I found the article so fascinating to read, vital in timing, and I would like to sincerely thank you so much. 

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